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California is known to be a more prestigious state, with many home buyers looking for move-in-ready homes, or homes that require very little investment to make it a move-in-ready home. The reality is that many homeowners don’t have the funds necessary to make these repairs, or simply don’t have the time. If you need cash fast for your house, consider selling your California home fast, as-is for all cash to Osborne Homes.

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Osborne Buys California Homes for Cash As-Is

When you sell your home on the traditional market, you’ll need to make costly repairs or meet complex contingencies, it’s oftentime times not worth it. Selling your home to Osborne Homes takes everything you know about realty and throws it out of the window. When you sell your California home to Osborne Homes, we’ll give you all cash and close quickly, much quicker than the traditional market.

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Cost of Repairs too much? Sell Your California Home As-Is to Osborne Homes Today!

Let’s face it, California is expensive and as are home repairs, it’s not always in the best interest to fork out thousands of dollars in home repairs, and then still have to sit on the home until it sells on the traditional market. Osborne Homes doesn’t care about the condition of your home, we’re cash home investors and we want to buy your property as is, to help you in your unique situation.

Cost of Common Home Repairs

Electrical Repairs: $60-$5,000

If your home was built earlier than what would be considered modern and electrical issues are found, you can expect to pay a hefty price tag for repairs. Oftentimes older homes and flipper homes have a bad layout for their electrical wiring and in order to be considered livable, you might have to have an electrician do a full reroute, splice or generalized repair and these repairs can be as much as $5,000 or as low as $60/hr.

HVAC Repairs: $150-$1,250

HVAC issues are one of the top things found during a home inspection in Los Angeles and it can quickly become costly depending on the severity of the repair needed. These repairs can range anywhere from $150-$1,250.

Roof Repairs: $75-$8,500

Any home, regardless of age at some point will need roof repairs. Many older homes might require a new roof all together for reasons such as risk of caving, water damage, or even singular single replacement. If you’re one of the unlucky ones who has hidden damages such as water damage, you might be looking at a new roof all together which can be pricey. The average new roof in 2023 was $8,500 with larger roofs being anywhere north of $15,000.

Water Heater Repairs: $150-$1,300

Water heaters can blow at any second, and older homes in Los Angeles might be running on the original water heaters which can cause problems. Some will reject a home altogether if it has an old water heater as the price to replace can be upwards of $1,500 (depending on the brand and usage requirements).

These are just some of the most common issues with homes that require repairs, and their average costs, as you can imagine, can quickly become expensive. So, the solution? Sell your home as-is to Osborne Homes!

The Osborne Homes Way

When you sell your home under any circumstance, it’s important to ensure that you’re working with someone who truly cares about your unique situation, and the Osborne way is just that. At Osborne Homes, we take a you-first approach, ensuring that it’s about more than the sale of your home, and that you feel comfortable and confident in every step you take throughout the journey.

Why We Buy Houses in California As-Is

It’s a fair question, and we get it a lot so let’s answer it. Simply put, we’re cash home investors located in California, and we buy properties as-is at fair market value and then we renovate them and resell them for a profit. While that seems very straightforward, we also do it with the best intentions, it’s more than just the ‘home’ or the profits for us, it’s ultimately about helping people through tough times. It’s about being human for us, and helping.


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We’re Serious about Cash Offers, Enjoy 100% Cash for Your California Home As-Is

How do you define cash? Paper? Checks? Direct deposited funds? At Osborne Homes, there are no payment plans, no hidden fees, no repayment fees, and absolutely nothing but transparency. So cash? Enjoy a nice check ready to spend at your leisure.

Our California House Buying Process

We make the process of selling a California home as-is to us, incredibly simple and requires
very little work from your end, 
seriously, here’s how:

1. Reach Out

The first step in the process is to simply reach out to us. We require very little information from you to proceed to the next step.

2. Consultation

The next step is a consultation where our team will meet with you and discuss your goals, from here we gather a little more information about the property to be able to put together a fair market value offer on your home.

3. Close

Finally, we can close! Unlike the traditional market, Osborne Homes can oftentimes close in as little as 7 days, with the ultimate closing date being your choosing. Remember, Osborne works for you, not against you.

We'll buy your house. 
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Get ALL CASH for Your Home. FAST.

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