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Inherited a California home? Don’t want to maintain it or deal with lengthy sales? Osborne Homes has you covered.

We buy inherited houses!

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We buy inherited homes all across california

Selling your home to Osborne may seem daunting. Yet, it’s a breeze with our simple three-step process.

Reach Out

Once you've inherited your new home, reach out to Osborne Homes and get started.


Next, we'll need to have a virtual consultation to learn more about you and your home.

Get Cash

At last, you can close within a few short weeks. Enjoy all cash with zero stress. That's the Osborne way.

Quick Closure Assurance

In the real estate world, timing can be everything. Osborne Homes stands out for our ability to close deals quick. We know that homeowners looking to sell inherited properties are often in need of fast solutions. Our process is custom tailored to meet these needs, offering quick closure – often within a few weeks.

don't stress about Outstanding mortgages.

Inheriting a home also means inheriting any outstanding mortgages. In traditional market sales, you must pay off the mortgage in full with cash or take out a personal loan for the difference.

When selling a mortgaged home to Osborne Homes, we work with you and the title company to handle the mortgage payoff.

Addressing Complex Joint Ownership

Inherited properties often mean shared ownership, where many people own a part. Osborne Homes is good at handling these situations fairly and together.

Simplifying the selling process is what we do best.

We talk openly and fairly to solve problems nicely. This way of doing things makes selling easier and keeps relationships good. With Osborne Homes, you work with someone who knows how to handle shared ownership well.

Avoid dealing with realtors.

When you sell a home on the market with you’ll pay realtors fee which ranges from 6-8% of the homes value. 

Selling to Osborne Homes ensures that you don’t have to pay any realtor fees, instead you can just enjoy fast cash.

Avoid high California home repair costs

California is an expensive place to live in and to maintain and repair homes is just as costly. Inherited a California property out of state? You may be surprised at the average cost of repairs.

Foundational Repairs$7,500 - $25,000

Cracks in the foundation are serious and can cost a lot to fix. About one in four homes have foundation problems that need fixing before selling.

Roof Repairs$3,000 - $8,500

Roofing repairs are a frequently encountered contingency for sellers, particularly in light of intense sunlight. Over time, roofs may develop leaks, cave in, or lose shingles. However, the cost of fixing these issues can be significant.

Electrical Issues$100 - $2,500

Electrical problems aren’t just for older homes; they are equally prevalent in newer homes. These problems can arise from various factors, including bug infestations, water damage, and other potential sources.

Water Damage$2,500 - $3,500

Water damage is a massive issue in California because of its changing weather. The diverse climate, with varying humidity, cold snaps, and rainfall, poses a real risk to homes.

You inherited it, why pay for it? Let Osborne Homes help you out.

Advantages in Market Readiness

Preparing a property for sale usually needs a lot of work and money, like fixing things up and making it look nice. Osborne Homes gives you a huge advantage by buying houses just the way they are. This means you can sell your home without the stress and cost of getting it ready for sale. This is especially helpful for inherited homes that might need a lot of work.

By choosing Osborne Homes, you save not only on repair costs but also on the time and hassle of getting renovations done. Our policy of buying homes ‘as-is’ shows how we focus on making selling easy for you. You can concentrate on your future instead of worrying about fixing up your home.

Stress-Free? You Bet. All Cash? All Yours.

We understand what it’s like to inherit a home and all the emotions that come with it. If you’re inheriting a home because of a loss in the family, we understand completely. Rest assured, the process is private and designed to be as stress-free as possible.

Expertise in Legal Navigations

Dealing with the legal side of inheriting a property can be a lot to handle, especially when it comes to understanding California’s laws. Osborne Homes knows these legal processes well and ensures you understand your rights and duties.

We’re proud to offer clear guidance through the legal maze, making it easier to sell your inherited property. Our team stays informed about the newest laws and changes, giving you reliable advice when you need it. This expert help with legal matters is part of our promise to make selling your home as easy and stress-free as we can.

we are all about you.

We know buying a home and dealing with inheritance can be tough. What sets Osborne Homes apart is our genuine care for you and your situation. We’re focused on making sure you get the best outcome possible.

Cash on your timeline.

With our easy three step process we can close in as little as a few short weeks, or simply at your own timeline. When you choose to sell your inherited home to Osborne Homes you can rest assured knowing that you’ll get cash when you need it the most.

Easing Emotional Transitions

Selling an inherited home is an emotional journey, filled with memories and responsibilities. At Osborne Homes, we understand these feelings and offer more than just a business transaction; we offer compassion. Our team listens with empathy, making sure you feel supported every step of the way.

We aim to make this transition as easy as possible, providing both professional services and a caring ear. With Osborne Homes you’re partnering with people who genuinely value your emotional well-being. We’re here to help make this important life change a positive experience for you.

Let Us Make A Difficult Time Easier. Sell an Inherited House to Us, Today

We understand you’re going through a hard time and you have a lot to deal with. If you feel that repairing, renting out, or maintaining a home is too much work, we can buy it from you right away.

To get an offer, complete our contact form or give us a call at (559) 500-3610. We can buy your California property so quickly it’ll almost seem like you’ve inherited cash. And a cash injection could be just what you need to follow your dreams.

Types of houses we buy:

Regardless of your circumstances or the condition of your property, we purchase all types of homes.

Streamlining the Selling Process

The traditional route of selling a home can be a long and uncertain journey. Osborne Homes, however, offers an alternative that streamlines this process significantly. We understand that time is of the essence, especially when dealing with the complexities of inherited properties.

We designed our approach to cut through the delays typically associated with traditional selling. From the initial consultation to closing the deal, our process is fast, efficient, and transparent. We eliminate the need for multiple showings, lengthy negotiations, and the uncertainty of buyer financing. Our efficient process saves you time and ensures we handle your property sale professionally.

FAQs About Inherited House Sales

Have questions about selling your inherited property to Osborne Homes?

  • Can Osborne Homes buy my inherited property quickly?
    • Absolutely! Osborne Homes specializes in fast transactions. We can expedite the sale based on your timeline. We usually close within a few weeks.
  • Does Osborne Buy Inherited Homes that Are Tenant Occupied?
    • Yes, Osborne Homes is the only home investor in CA that handles such properties. Whether you prefer to keep the tenants in place or move forward without them, we manage it all.
  • Can I sell an inherited property in California before probate?
    • Selling an inherited house before probate is typically not possible, as probate legally establishes ownership. However, Osborne Homes can guide you through the process, ensuring a smooth transition once probate is complete.
  • Do I need to repair my inherited property before selling to Osborne Homes?
    • No, repairs are not necessary or rather not needed prior to the sale. Osborne Homes buys properties ‘as-is,’ saving you the time and expense of home improvements, making your selling process hassle-free.
  • Do you pay taxes on an inherited house when you sell it in the state of California?
    • Yes, selling an inherited house may incur capital gains taxes based on appreciation from the date of inheritance. Osborne Homes can help navigate these financial aspects, making the process clearer for you.
  • How does Osborne Homes handle homes with existing mortgages?
    • At Osborne Homes, we work with you and the lenders to pay off the existing mortgage.
  • Can Osborne Homes help with complicated family inheritance situations?
    • Yes, we navigate complex family inheritance scenarios with sensitivity and professionalism, ensuring a fair and respectful resolution for all parties involved.
  • Does selling an inherited house count as income?
    • Selling an inherited house does not generate income, even though capital gains taxes may apply. 

Sell your inherited home to Osborne Homes today

Ready to move onto the next chapter of your life without the stress that accompanies home sales? Choose Osborne Homes and get all cash today. 

We look forward to speaking with you.

Sell my house now!

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