We Buy Homes With Mold

We Buy Homes With Mold in California

Life certainly likes to throw curve balls at times. But if you’re grappling with mold issues in your California home, we have the answer. At Osborne Homes, we specialize in buying homes with mold damage, offering all-cash deals, speedy closures and a stress-free procedure.

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Every Home Has a Journey

Every home goes through its own unique challenges, but at Osborne Homes, we’re dedicated to getting you out of the trenches no matter your situation – even if mold damage is present.

The Osborne Homes Guarantee

We have effectively streamlined the process of selling mold-damaged homes into three fundamental components:

We Buy Homes As-Is

Mold damage can be extensive, and just the thought of repairs can be exhausting on every level. Thank goodness we buy homes as-is. There's no need to spend time, money or effort in restoring your home. We handle it all.

We Pay All Cash

When grappling with mold damage, the last thing you need is a long and complicated sales process. We eliminate that headache, offering an all-cash deal for your home, despite its condition.

We Close FAST

We get it. There is a major urgency that accompanies selling a mold-damaged home. We prioritize closing fast, enabling you to progress without undue holdups. Life keeps moving, and so do we.

Imagine the  Possibilities

Our approach offers you relief, enabling you to concentrate on what lies ahead rather than your mold-ridden property. Unwind and let yourself dream a little – we’ve got your home-selling concerns handled.

Calm  over Chaos

When you choose Osborne Homes, you’re choosing peace of mind. It’s a journey towards a worry-free transition, opening doors to new opportunities and a brighter future. Versus a traditional sale that would take far more of your money, time and energy.

Your New Beginning

Life keeps moving and, with Osborne Homes, you can too. Our streamlined home-selling process helps you to let go of the problems and embrace the potential of a fresh start, even when mold has complicated things.

FAQ About the Osborne Homes Process

Here are some frequently asked questions we receive from home sellers:

Yes, that’s exactly what we do! Osborne Homes sees the potential in all properties, regardless of their condition. Be it fire or water damage,  structural issues, or mold infestation, we are prepared to make an offer on your home just as it is.

  • Yes, we do! Whether tenants are the ones who caused the mold damage, or you just want to steer clear of the complexities involved in selling a tenant-occupied home, we are ready to offer an all-cash deal and fast closing.

We realize that time is of the essence, particularly when it comes to homes with mold infestation. Our dedicated team ensures a fast and easy process, generally closing transactions in a week or two.

Osborne Homes purchases properties all across California. Our wide network and deep knowledge of various local markets throughout the state set us apart.

After we assess your property, we propose an all-cash offer. This comes along without any loans or financing contingencies, leading to a quicker, smoother transaction.

Osborne Homes is interested in any type of property, including single-family homes, multi-family homes, condominiums, townhouses, and even vacant plots.

One of the best parts about selling to Osborne Homes is that you don’t have to pay any realtor commissions or hidden charges. We take care of all standard closing expenses.

It’s simple to start! You can reach out to us via our website or make a call. We’ll talk about your property, and provide a no-obligation offer. If it sounds good, we can proceed with the transaction.

Partner With Osborne Homes

Choose an effortless, quick and fair home selling process. Stand with Osborne Homes, your dependable partner, in maneuvering through this challenging life event.

No  Middleman

Choosing Osborne Homes means you’re working directly with us – no middlemen, no fuss. This saves you precious time and a nice chunk of change from avoided commissions and fees. Pretty straightforward, right?

Osborne No-Hassle Guarantee

Sell My Mold Infested House Hassle Free!

Trust in Our Experience

Our team has handled mold-infested homes for years, navigating through complex situations with confidence and expertise. Here’s a quick look at how we can help in different scenarios:


Inheriting a moldy house can be overwhelming and emotionally draining. But worry not, we’re here to simplify the process with our all-cash, hassle-free transactions, letting you concentrate on other important aspects during this

Let’s Discuss Your Inherited Property →


Navigating foreclosure with a mold-damaged home can pile on the stress. We step in to offer a fast, all-cash solution, helping you dodge foreclosure, protect your credit, and kick-start a new chapter.

Talk about Your House in Foreclosure →


Retirement should be about relaxation, not about dealing with a mold-infested home. We ease your burden with our as-is home-buying policy and rapid closures, aiding in a smooth transition into your golden years.

Downsize Today→

Troublesome Tenants

mold-ridden can be daunting. We provide a smooth exit strategy by purchasing your property as-is, offering peace of mind and the financial flexibility to invest elsewhere. Let us handle the eviction process for you.

Regain Your Freedom→

Putting You First

Our method of home buying is focused on you, our customer. We prioritize your needs, tailoring our services to make sure you’re fully satisfied.

No Pressure  Offers

We respect your decision-making time and present a no-pressure offer for your mold-infested home. This gives you the time to consider your options and make the best decision for your situation.

We Are Your Reliable Partner

Think of Osborne Homes not just as a home-buying entity but as a reliable partner. Our commitment lies in offering a straightforward way to sell your mold-infested house. We highly regard your time, comfort and peace of mind. Reach out to us today.

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