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We understand the need to sell your house, even faster than traditional methods. Osborne Homes is a California cash buyer who wants to buy your house for cash. The Osborne process is different from other companies. We don’t only want to turn quick profits; we want to build lasting relationships and help those in the needed situation. We’re adaptable and caring about your home and its history.

Reasons to Consider Selling Your House

There are a lot of reasons to consider selling your home, but these are the most common we hear:


We can eliminate your mortgage payment prior to a foreclosure saving your credit and other assets.

Landlord nightmares

If you have tenants who make your life difficult, we’ll buy your house with the tenants living there and take care of the rest, allowing you to get back to a normal, happy life.

Heavy repairs needed

We’ll buy your house for cash regardless of any major repair that’s needed!


If you’re looking to quickly downsize whether downsizing for retirement or because your kid moved out, we’ll buy your home!

Osborne Homes is here To help

There are thousands of unique situations out there that may force your hand in selling your home. Worry not, we’re here to help wherever we can, even if that means setting you on the best path for you.

Sell your house to Osborne Homes today!