We Buy Homes With Water Damage

We Buy Homes With Water Damage in California

Life can sure throw some curve balls, such as water damage in your California home. But don’t worry! Osborne Homes buys water-damaged homes for all-cash, just as they are, and we close deals quickly. We can’t wait to turn your problem into a fresh start – just like we have for so many others.

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Each Home is Unique

No two properties are alike, and Osborne knows this because we have bought over two thousand different homes in Central California alone. We are eager to become part of your journey, supporting you as you forge ahead, regardless of the water damage your home has experienced.

The Osborne Homes Advantage

We have streamlined the process of selling water-damaged homes into three simple advantages:

Any Condition

Water damage can be an absolute pain, and the thought of repairs a total nightmare. The good news is, we buy homes in as-is condition. No need for you to pour time, money or sweat into fixing your home. We handle it all.

All Cash

When dealing with water damage, a drawn-out, complicated sales process is the last thing you need. We cut through the red tape, extending a cash offer for your home, no matter its condition. Use the proceeds in any way you’d like.

Fast Action

Life races on, and so do we. At Osborne Homes, we understand the urgency that often pairs with selling a water-damaged home. That's why quick closings are our priority, helping you to move forward without any needless hold-ups.

Freedom to Dream

Our approach allows you the mental space to focus on what’s next, shifting your thoughts away from the water damage. Unwind, dream about your next chapter – we’re here to take care of the selling process.

The Choice is Yours

When you choose Osborne Homes you choose peace. It’s a step towards a stress-free transition where a new day awaits you, untouched by the current water damage headache.

Moving  Forward

Sometimes in life you come across troubled waters, but with Osborne Homes, you’re equipped to navigate the tide. Our simplified home selling solution can help you move past the current challenges and embrace the potential of your next chapter.

FAQ About Working with Osborne Homes

We get a lot of questions from home sellers; here are the most common ones we see:

Yep! At Osborne Homes, we see the potential in all properties, regardless of the extent of water damage. Whether it’s a flooded basement or a leaky roof, we’re ready to make a cash offer on your house just as it is.

  • We know that when you’re dealing with a water-damaged home, it’s urgent. Our team works diligently to make the process as quick as possible, typically wrapping things up in a week or two.

Yes, we do! Osborne Homes purchases properties across the Golden State. Our deep understanding of various local markets gives us an edge, wherever your home may be located.

Once we’ve had a chance to assess your property, we name a price based on the condition of your property and the local market. All cash means there are no loans or financial contingencies to worry about, making for a much quicker transaction.

  • After evaluating your property, we make an all-cash offer. This means that there are no loans or financing contingencies involved, allowing for a smoother, faster transaction process.
  • One of the best parts about working with Osborne Homes is that you don’t have to worry about realtor commissions or hidden charges. We also take care of standard closing costs, saving you a bundle.

Kick-starting the process is a breeze. Just reach out to us via our website or give us a call. We’ll chat about your property, give you a no-obligation offer, and if it feels right to you, we’ll move ahead.

Yes, indeed! Even if your tenants are the ones who caused water damage and you want to sidestep the headache of charging them and/or evicting them, we’re ready with an all-cash offer and a quick closing process – and we will handle the tenants.

Dive Right In With Osborne Homes

Take us up on ease, speed and fairness in selling your home, today – choose Osborne Homes, your reliable partner for navigating the unforeseen bends of life.

It’s Just Us and  You

By opting for Osborne Homes, you’re interacting with us and only us. This means there’s no need for any realtor or other middle man, which saves both your precious time and a significant chunk of change that might have gone towards commissions and fees.

Osborne No-Hassle Guarantee

Sell My Water Damaged House Hassle Free!

Rely On Our Expertise

We’ve honed our skills over years of buying water-damaged homes. 
Check out the various other scenarios we’re well-versed in handling:


Inheriting a house burdened with water damage can feel overwhelming and stressful. At Osborne Homes, we lighten the load with our straightforward, all-cash transactions, letting you concentrate on what truly matters during this delicate time.

Let’s Discuss Your Inherited Property →


The threat of foreclosure on a water-damaged property can magnify an already tough situation. We’re on hand to offer a fast, all-cash solution that can help you sidestep foreclosure, protect your credit score, and get a fresh start.

Talk about Your House in Foreclosure →


Heading into retirement, the last thing on your agenda should be the stress of selling a water-damaged house. We simplify the ordeal with our as-is home-buying approach and swift closings, helping you transition effortlessly into your golden years.

Downsize Today→

Problem Tenants

Managing tenants who’ve caused water damage to your property can be a total headache. We provide an easy exit strategy by purchasing your property as-is, offering you peace of mind and the financial freedom to reinvest elsewhere. We’ll even handle tenant eviction for you.

Regain Your Freedom→

No Strings Attached 

We understand that selling a home, especially one with water damage, is a big decision. That’s why we provide no-obligation offers. This gives you space to consider your options and make the best decision for your situation.

Your Reliable Home-Buying Partner

At Osborne Homes, we’re more than just a business – we’re a partner you can trust. Our goal is to make selling your water-damaged home as easy as possible. We care about your time, comfort and peace of mind. Let’s start the conversation today.

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