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Need to sell your Irvine home swiftly? At Osborne Homes, we purchase properties directly, in any condition. No delays, no hassles – just a fast, all-cash transaction tailored to your needs.

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Three Simple Steps with Osborne

Selling your Irvine home has never been this easy. At Osborne Homes, we’ve streamlined the process into three straightforward steps to ensure a hassle-free experience:

Reach Out
Initiating the selling process is as simple as a conversation. Contact us, share your property's specifics, and let us understand your unique situation.
Virtual Appointment
Unlike other "We Buy Houses” companies, we don't nickel and dime you for damages on your home, or charge you any visitation fees. We keep this step straightforward and to the point.
The final step is all about your convenience. Once you approve, we wrap up the deal promptly, allowing you to move on with cash in hand.

Home Types We Want to Buy

At Osborne Homes, we appreciate the diversity of Irvine homes. Whether it’s a vintage bungalow, a modern condo or a spacious family residence – Even when they are in major disrepair. Doesn’t matter; we are interested in homes of all shapes, sizes and conditions.

Types of houses:

County Map

Just to name a few of the homes we frequently purchasein Los Angeles:

Aging Properties in Irvine

The charming older homes of Irvine, with their decades of history, sometimes face challenges in the modern market. Whether it's outdated plumbing or the allure of its bygone architecture fading, Osborne Homes understands and is ready to buy.

Homes with Earthquake Damage

Earthquakes can leave a lasting mark on Irvine properties. Damage to the foundation or structure can deter traditional buyers. At Osborne, we're equipped to handle these homes and offer a fair deal regardless of quake-induced wear and tear.


Irvine's fixer-uppers, with their potential and promise, can be daunting for many buyers who are not ready for the renovation journey. Osborne Homes sees beyond the immediate work, recognizing the home's true potential.

Tenant-Occupied Residences

Balancing the rights and needs of tenants with the sale of a property in Irvine can be complex. If your home is tenant-occupied, rest assured Osborne Homes is adept at managing these unique selling scenarios.

Homes in Less Popular Locations

Every city has its less sought-after neighborhoods. If your Irvine home happens to be in a less popular location, know that Osborne Homes doesn't discriminate. We see the value in every property, regardless of its zip code.

Fire Damaged Homes

Fire damaged homes are common for us to purchase in Los Angeles and we understand the stress that comes with it. Oftentimes, many don't have the best coverage when it comes to fire insurance, and they end up getting far less than they truly deserve. At Osborne Homes, we'll purchase your fire damaged home with no questions asked and give you the value that you deserve.

Properties with Legal Complications

Sometimes legal hurdles like liens or unresolved inheritance matters complicate the sale of an Irvine property. Osborne Homes is experienced in navigating these challenges, ensuring a smoother transition for homeowners.

Get ALL CASH for Your Home. FAST.

Home Repair Costs in Irvine

The allure of Irvine’s properties is undeniable, but maintaining that charm can often come at a hefty price. Home repairs in this city can be notably more expensive, especially given the unique challenges of the region.

Most Common Repairs

Earthquake Retrofitting

Living in California, earthquake preparedness is a priority. In Irvine, many homes, especially older ones, may require retrofitting to withstand seismic activities. Costs for such projects can vary, but homeowners often spend between $3,000 to $7,000, depending on the size and structure of the home.


Foundation Repair

Due to soil conditions and seismic activity, foundation issues are common. Cracks, sinking, or upheavals can compromise the integrity of your home. Addressing these problems might set you back anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000, depending on the severity of the damage.

Water Damage Repair

Irvine homes, particularly those close to the coast, can experience water damage due to humidity and occasional rainfalls. Repairing water-damaged walls, ceilings, or floors can range from $1,200 to $4,500, based on the extent of the damage.

Termite Damage Repair

Termites are a pervasive issue in Irvine. Treating an infestation is one thing, but repairing the damage they leave behind, especially in wooden structures, can cost between $2,500 to $6,000, again depending on the scale of damage.

Ready to Make the Move?

Navigating the Irvine housing market can be daunting, especially with a unique property or situation. Let Osborne Homes simplify the process for you. We’re here, ready to offer an all-cash deal, no matter the circumstance.

We Are All About You

At Osborne, we recognize that every homeowner has unique needs and circumstances. We don’t just buy houses; we invest in understanding your situation, ensuring that our solutions are tailored to offer the best possible outcome for you. Because with Osborne, you’re always our top priority.

Effortless Selling with Osborne

Selling your home has never been this easy. Skip the lengthy listings, bypass the negotiations, and eliminate the uncertainty. With Osborne’s efficient approach, we’ve simplified the selling process into a quick, stress-free experience. Dive into a hassle-free home selling journey today.

Why Wait? Sell with Confidence.

Osborne Homes simplifies the selling journey. Make the choice today, and let’s turn your property into prompt cash.

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