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Do Your Buyers Need an Appraisal Gap in California?

One of the most important steps in the home-buying process is the appraisal. The appraisal is an independent assessment of a home’s value, and it is typically required by lenders in order to approve a loan. However, there is always a chance that the appraisal will come back lower than the agreed-upon purchase price; this is what’s called an appraisal gap. If this happens, the buyer may need to have the purchase price of the home reappraised in order to get financing from their bank. In some cases, the bank may even require that the property be appraised at a higher value than the agreed-upon purchase price in order to approve the loan. Worst case, the sale falls through and you are back at square one without a buyer for your home. 

If any of this happens during your home sale proceedings, try not to worry! There are ways to handle it. In fact, here at Osborne Homes, we have a great solution for you! Keep reading for tips on how to navigate an appraisal gap and still make your home sale a reality.

What is an Appraisal Gap?

An appraisal gap occurs when the value of your home is lower than the price you paid for it or the price you expected to sell it for. This can happen for a number of reasons, such as a decrease in the overall housing market or a change in the specific market for your home’s location or type. Whatever the reason, an appraisal gap can cause serious financial difficulty if you’re trying to sell your property. It can be a problem for buyers, sellers and lenders, alike. For buyers, an appraisal gap can lead to overpaying for a property. For sellers, it can mean selling for less than the property is actually worth. And for lenders, it can result in loan default if the appraised value is less than the outstanding mortgage balance. Appraisal gaps can occur for a number of reasons, including incorrect property data and changes in market conditions. Whatever the cause, an appraisal gap can have serious implications for all parties involved in a real estate transaction.

Don’t Let an Appraisal Gap Get You Down!

If you find yourself in this predicament and you are not sure what to do, feel free to give us a call here at Osborne Homes, or fill out the form below. We can go over the situation with you and help you to determine the best course of action. With our help, you can minimize the financial impact of an appraisal gap and get your home sold fast – and for ALL CASH.

What are the consequences of an appraisal gap for buyers?

When a home is appraised for less than the purchase price it can have serious consequences for buyers. For one thing, it may mean that the buyer is unable to get a loan for the full purchase price of the home. Additionally, the buyer may be stuck paying private mortgage insurance (PMI) if they are putting less than 20% down on the home. In some cases, the appraisal gap may even cause the deal to fall through entirely. For these reasons it’s important for buyers to be aware of the potential consequences of an appraisal gap before they enter into a real estate transaction. By being prepared for the possibility of an appraisal gap, both buyers and sellers, alike, can avoid being caught off guard by this potential obstacle and a buyer can be sure not to lose their earnest money.

What are the consequences of an appraisal gap for sellers?

First and foremost, an appraisal gap for a seller means that the bank is only willing to lend a certain amount of money to the buyer, of which said lower value may be a huge disappointment to the buyer. This can put the deal at risk of falling through entirely. Additionally, even if the buyer is still willing to move forward with the purchase, the appraisal gap will likely result in a lower sales price. In other words, the seller will have to either accept less money for their home or make up the difference themselves. Lastly, an appraisal gap can also lengthen the home-selling process, as it typically takes longer to negotiate a lower price. All in all, an appraisal gap can be a major headache for sellers, so it’s important to be aware of the potential consequences before listing your home.

Can your buyer back out of the sale if there is an appraisal gap?

If the appraisal comes in lower than the agreed-upon purchase price, the buyer may be able to negotiate a lower price with the seller. The seller may be able to get creative and offer other forms of compensation, such as paying closing costs for the buyer. However, if the buyer is not able to reach an agreement with the seller, they may be forced to walk away from the sale, taking their earnest money with them. In some cases, the lender may be willing to provide additional financing to cover the difference between the appraised value and the purchase price. However, this is not always an option, and it is important to speak with your lender before making any decisions.

Appraisal gaps can be stressful for buyers and sellers alike. However, by understanding all of your options, you can make an informed decision about how to move forward.

How can you avoid or minimize the chances of an appraisal gap happening?

There are a few ways to avoid or minimize the chances of an appraisal gap: 

  • First, it is important to choose a qualified and experienced appraiser. An experienced appraiser will be familiar with your market and should be able to provide an accurate estimate of your property’s value. 
  • Second, make sure to provide the appraiser with all relevant information about your property, including any recent upgrades or improvements. 
  • Finally, if you are still concerned about the possibility of an appraisal gap, you could ask the buyer to agree to pay the difference if the appraised value is lower than the agreed upon price. 

By taking these precautions, you can help to avoid or minimize the chances of an appraisal gap.

How Can Osborne Homes Help?

An investor like Osborne Homes, who pays cash for homes, may be interested in purchasing the property if the original buyer backs out due to an appraisal gap. Osborne Homes may be willing to purchase your home at the appraised value. In some cases, we may also be willing to negotiate a new purchase price with you. Ultimately, we just want you to know that if the original buyer backs out due to an appraisal gap, you still have a really great option to sell fast to us.

Want to Redeem Your Home Sale and Close Fast?

If you have been affected by an appraisal gap causing your home sale to fail, don’t wait a second more to call Osborne Homes, or submit this form below. We are the number one cash-paying home buyers in California, and we help sellers who are in this situation all the time.

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