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How to Determine the Fair Market Value of Your California House

Determining the fair market value of a home is essential to making sure that the final price is fair and accurate and it can help to set expectations prior to selling your property. If you live in California and are looking for guidance on how to accurately evaluate the value of your home, then you’ve stumbled upon the right article, because we explain it all! And, if you are looking to sell your house fast for a fair price, then we can help with that too. We buy houses all over California, in any condition; we pay all cash and close in record time. For now, we will just share with you below all of the relevant thoughts that go into answering things like “what is fair market value of a house” as well as what factors affect the value. 

What is fair market value of a house?

Fair market value (FMV) in real estate refers to the price that buyers and sellers are willing to enter into a transaction for. It is considered an objective measure as it takes into account economic forces such as market supply and demand and current trends in the real estate industry. To ensure neutrality during the valuation process, buyers and sellers must remain free of influence or pressure from any outside parties when coming to a consensus on what they consider fair market value. Additionally, FMV should reflect the terms of purchase (such as cash or credit) as well as other contingencies, such as furniture and appliances included with the sale. When properly assessed and calculated, the FMV provides an accurate picture of a property’s worth in today’s real estate climate.

How to determine fair market value of  house

Market-driven approaches to determining the value of a home are commonly used to make an assessment, both qualitative and quantitative, where indicators like past sales in similar properties are used to objectively calculate the value. Specifically, looking at how much properties with similar characteristics were sold for recently, gives us a good perspective on the actual market value of the property in question today. 

Professional appraisals may also be conducted by licensed inspectors who look at a variety of contributing variables in order to formulate the best-estimated market value. In any case, knowing the FMV of a particular piece of real estate is essential for making intelligent and informed decisions related to selling your house.

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Factors that can affect the fair market value of your house

Fair market value of house in California can be calculated in different ways which depend on multiple factors such as those listed below. 

1. Location 

One of the most influential factors in determining the fair market value of a home is its location. Proximity to natural features such as beaches and mountains can add tens of thousands onto the value of a property. Similarly, homes located close to metropolitan areas or high-end shopping areas are often priced at a premium due to their prime location. On the other hand, if the property is set in an area where criminal activity is present, it can negatively affect how much it can be sold for on the market. So, depending on where you are selling a house, it could positively or negatively affect its FMV.

2. Size of the home

The next key factor that affects value is the home’s size — larger homes have traditionally been more expensive than smaller homes. While this holds true in most cases, there are some exceptions caused by many additional variables, such as location and amenities. For example, two houses located in different neighborhoods could share similar sizes, yet differ drastically in their FMV. In fact, a smaller house located in a prime spot with high demand can be worth much more than a larger house elsewhere. Ultimately, size alone cannot determine the corresponding fair market value of house; careful consideration must be given to all components of the home to truly ascertain its workable price.

3. Age of the home

Older homes are often of higher quality craftsmanship as compared to newer homes and so this can be beneficial in terms of the overall price for which it is likely to sell. That being said, age also affects the state of any plumbing, wiring and other infrastructure within the home. If there are issues from aging components, then these could require extensive repair or replacement which can diminish an older home’s FMV depending on how much home buyers are expecting to invest in such repairs. 

4. Condition of the home

A home that’s in excellent condition, with all required repairs made and necessary upgrades completed, will command a higher price than one in a less-than-perfect shape. This is because buyers are effectively paying for the fact that they can move in without needing to carry out any work first. On the flip side, if the home requires some amount of work and/or attention before being habitable, then this is likely to be reflected in the asking price. When considering total costs associated with selling your house, it’s vital to take into account what it needs in order to make it suitable for living in – and get an accurate idea of how much this might set you back financially.

5. Amenities and features

As any real estate professional will tell you, the amenities and features of a home can also make a huge difference when it comes to a home’s value. Whether that includes a private pool, multiple floors or generous landscaping can dramatically change the price tag for a house. For example, having an outdoor space with walkways or patios can not only add aesthetic charm but could also entice potential buyers to be more willing to pay extra for those features. Equally, something as small as having top-notch cabinets in the kitchen may slightly increase the value of a house meaning these little details are just as important as ensuring your property is well-maintained and located in a good area.

As a Recap of how to determine fair market value of house: 

  • The first step for determining the value of your California home is to research the recent sales of similar homes in your area.
  • Once you have an idea of the average sale prices, you can begin to subtract and add value to that figure according to the various features of your home. Don’t forget the factors above that are known to affect home value, such as size, age and condition.
  • After you have a good estimate, it’s important to get an appraisal from a professional to ensure the accuracy of your own findings.
  • Finally, remember that market conditions can affect the value of your home, so be sure and keep up with current trends!

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