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What Type of House Sells the Fastest in Long Beach California?

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If you’re wondering which type of house sells the fastest in Long Beach, California, you’re in the right place. Rental properties? Singles? Beach front? Long Beach has endless options when it comes to home types, but the matter of which sells the fastest is not necessarily an easy one. Let’s dive in!

What Buyers Want in Long Beach Homes

When it comes to buyer demand, there is no shortage in Long Beach, however, many buyers do have preferences for home types, and what’s included in a home sale is vital. In this section we’ll cover what buyers want in Long Beach, CA homes

1. Recent Air Conditioning & Utilities 

With California being plenty warm year round, it’s no surprise that many Long Beach home buyers want something more updated air conditioning, which falls inline with updated utilities such as newer furnaces and appliances.

2. Waterfront Property

Many looking to purchase a home in Long Beach, California are looking for a house that’s on the water, whether that be waterfront, or within a visible distance of water, it’s an important consideration for many, but to some it may not be a total deal breaker.

3. Minimal Repairs

The last thing buyers typically want is a home in Long Beach, California that is ready and will not require much time or attention from them. The reality is – we live in homes, they get damaged, it happens… However, many home buyers don’t really “care” in this essence and they may skip over a home entirely, even if it nearly fits their vision of the perfect Long Beach home.

The Fastest Selling House Type in Long Beach Is….

The fastest selling house type in Long Beach, California is… investment properties. That’s right, investment properties. Many love investment properties and with Long Beach being a great place to live, investors may turn properties into condos, rentals, duplexes and more, just to make a quick buck.

How You Can Sell Your Long Beach California House for Fast Cash to an Investor

Are you trying to minimize the time spent on selling your Long Beach, CA property? Selling to an investor may be a great option for you. Selling to an investor comes with a lot of benefits such as the time saved, but there are so much more. Let’s talk about the benefits of selling your Long Beach, CA property to Osborne Homes (cash home investor).

No Repairs Needed

As we’ve previously mentioned, having damage to your property is normal, but when you deal with the traditional market in Long Beach, buyers are going to make demands for repairs. Selling your Long Beach house to Osborne Homes takes that out of the equation. We buy houses as-is, in any condition for cash.

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Close Within 7-14 Days

When you sell your home to a cash home investor such as Osborne Homes, you can close on your timeline, in as little as 7 days. With traditional real estate sales, you can often close in as little as 30 days, but that does not factor in the length of time it takes to find qualified buyers, do tours, and negotiations. 

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Fair, Transparent Cash Offer

Selling to an investor is a great way to walk out of your property with all cash all the while getting an honest, fair and transparent cash offer based on the fair market value of the home. Osborne Homes offers all cash, closes fast and cares about your situation, what’s more to ask? Selling on the traditional market can oftentimes be fee-heavy, bloated with low offers, or inconsistent buyers (falling through at the last moment). If you are ready to sell your Long Beach, CA home (fast), reach out to Osborne Homes today.

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Set Records, Close in Rapid Fashion with Osborne Homes

Ready to sell your Long Beach, CA home? Osborne Homes is ready to purchase your property in all cash and fast. Close in as little as a week. Reach out through the form below, or any of them on our site to get started. We look forward to learning more about you and your situation. Let’s talk.

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